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It's easy enough to make this a user preference option.. Anyone have a good example of a web site that lets users set this preference (ie. which set of date formats should there be)?


On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 10:04 AM, Jim Fisher <ejf@...> wrote:
I am strongly of the opinion that, if possible, it should be selectable by each
user. I always use day-month-year. If it must be fixed to a single format, then
year-month-day is the most logical because it is easily sortable, but few
people normally use that format.

Jim Fisher

On 7 Jan 2015 at 19:40, J. Faulkner wrote:

> Not me.  I am a Month, Day, Year person.  If it is possible to choose the
> format, then I say OK, but not have a firm year/Month/Day.  Nope.
> Judy F.,
> SW Florida - USA
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> Frances,
>  > As a Canadian, I have to remember the date order that Americans use.
>  > Here, some of us tend to use day, month, year. You tend to use month,  > day,
>  year. > > I wonder whether anyone else would like year, month, day? >
>  2015-01-07
> My favorite take on the subject agrees with your proposal:
> http://xkcd.com/1179/
> -- Shal

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