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Judy F.

I think there will be a lot of unhappy people if this is put into effect and not have the option to change it to the normal standard for those of us that prefer the normal mm/dd/yy/ or mm-dd-yy.

Thanks Shal.

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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> If it is possible to choose the format, then I say OK, but not have a > firm year/Month/Day.

The proposal would be YYYY-MM-DD (hyphens not slashes, two-digit months and days). That is, 2015-01-07 not 2015/1/7.

Writing code in the '70s I learned to use YYMMDD (no punctuation), because it sorts properly as either a number or as text. But then Y2K came along... ;-)

-- Shal

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