locked Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site the past two days:

  • CHANGE: Improved Invite flow.
  • NEW: If changing your email address to an alias that you own, delete the alias automatically instead of treating it as an error.
  • NEW: If you attempt to log in, regardless of whether you enter a password or not, and your account does not have a password set, we automatically send a login link.
  • CHANGE: Pending message reject notices are now sent from groupname+owner@groups.io.
  • NEW: 'Send Message' now includes BCC: me and BCC: All moderators options.
  • BUGFIX: Deleting a photo album will not delete photos that you don't own (if you're not a moderator).
  • NEW: Removed reset password mechanism and replaced with 'Email me a link to log in.'
  • CHANGE: Changed permissions model for Calendar to match rest of site.
  • BUGFIX: Fix file upload notifications for files or folders with spaces or commas in their names.
  • NEW: Moderators can lock wiki pages. A locked page can only be edited by a moderator.
  • CHANGE: Permissions model for Files changed so that members can only edit/delete their own files/folders.

Cheers, Mark

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