locked Re: Group Moderation idea


On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 4:19 PM, Shal Farley <shals2nd@...> wrote:

> I just checked and when you reject a post, it comes from "noreply", aka
> bit bucket.  I agree that coming from "owner", in case the poster needs
> information or clarification, would make sense.

And in any case, I'd like the To, From, and Subject to be shown while composing the message, more like the other message composition windows. This pop-out window seems a bit idiosyncratic.

> Mark recently added the capability to send a Bcc to "Me" or "All
> Moderators", so that part is covered.

Likewise on "Send Message" from the members list please.

The "Copy me on the message" checkbox is ambiguous, given that From can be either me or the +owner address. As it happens, it really does mean me regardless of the From selection.

Pending message rejection notices are now sent from groupname+owner@groups.io. Also, I've added the 'BCC: me' and 'BCC: All Moderators' check boxes to the Send Message/Post to Subscriber page.


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