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On 18 Jan 2016 at 1:08, D R Stinson wrote:

it's not on the TO DO list, how can some people have one? Some
posters in here have a signature line. How are they doing that?
Maybe they're
adding it manually when they compose their message. It's certainly easy enough
to do. Even simpler, compose in a word processing program that automagically
adds it and then just paste it into a message. Dano
There is a difference between signature lines added by the group to all
messages sent from the group (that is or was an option with Yahoo), and
signature lines added to an individual's messages by his/her email client. I
have a set of lines added to the bottom of all my messsages, and they will show
under this message if groups.io does not remove them, but they are set by me in
my email client (Pegasus Mail) it allows me a choice of alternatives, all
pre-written, with the default as used here. It's already on the bottom of the
message before it reaches the groups.io system

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