locked Re: questions (suggestions?) re "status" and "reason" columns in invitations


I'm not talking about that page. The page arrived. I'm just asking, again, what NC means in terms of its effects - not in terms of what the user did or didn't do in response to the confirm email. Is it just informational or does it affect the user's status/permissions in any way? How does it go away once it's been set - what should the moderator or user do?

Also: it seems incorrect that in the 'outstanding invitations' page the invitation is marked 'sent' rather than 'accepted,' even though the member is listed in the actual (not pending) members list. Possibly this is related to the NC designation. But I find the situation at least confusing.

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On Jan 19, 2016, at 5:38 AM, Duane <txpigeon@gmail.com> wrote:

Successfully sending an invitation will take you to a new page with a summary. In my case, it said

Invite Summary
Invites Processed: 1
Invites Sent: 1

If you see anything else, there was a problem with the information you entered.

Any time an invitation is no longer needed, you can select the check box to the left of it, then go to the Actions box at the bottom of the page and choose Cancel/Remove Invite.


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