locked Update on group deletion

christopher hallsworth <challsworth2@...>

Morning all

Just an update on group deletion for screen reader users.

There may be no code changes internally, but there is absolutely no feedback after clicking the "delete group" button. You have to do it through trial and error. For me, if you tab twice you should focus in the box where you type the words "I understand". After that, pressing return should activate something and the group is deleted. But if there are no code changes internally, how come all of a sudden we don't get any feedback at all like we used to? I tried both Safari and Google Chrome with the same results. And no, this is not a VoiceOver issue at all; it does not work with any screen readers on any platform.

I therefore suggest you all attempt to duplicate my observations and help the Groups.io team out, as something has changed for sure. Thanks, and hope you find this update helpful.

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