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In "questions (suggestions?) re "status" and "reason" columns in invitations"

Ro wrote:

I really think a NOTICE needs to go to the owner/mods that the person
has accepted the invite and is awaiting approval.
Click the Subscription page on that group.
Check the "Email when there are members needing approval." box.
Click the "Save" button at the bottom.

If that was already checked, look for any place your email service or software may have put the notification (such as a spam folder). If you still can't find the notification you may be having deliverability problems with your email service.

I would suggest having a look at the Email Delivery History tab of your Subscription page for that group. But it appears that notifications are not covered by the history mechanism (that's a wish-list item of mine).

Frankly, if we send an invite, why do we need to approve? ... Approval
needs to be AUTOMATIC.
It is (unless that has broken recently). But it is also possible that the member went to the group page and clicked the "Apply For Membership To This Group" button, or used the +subscribe email command, rather than responding to your invitation.

I suppose the system could be a touch more clever, and if a user is attempting to use either of those methods, check to see if there's an outstanding invite for that user and automatically approve them. And conversely, at the time a moderator is sending invitations the system could check to see if that user is already pending approval, and automatically approve them. This action could be noted in the Invitation results page (Pending membership approved, rather than Invitation sent).

-- Shal

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