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It's an unsolved problem but one that can seriously hamper efforts to invite new members. I plan on adding a boilerplate explanation to every invitation. Couldn't the system instead insert such an explanation for now?

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On Jan 18, 2016, at 8:17 PM, Shal Farley <shals2nd@gmail.com> wrote:

In "can only be logged in under one email address in same browser?", J wrote:

It seems now that clicking on "accept invitation" requires creation of a
password in order to even result in email subscription. It does not
subscribe the member to the group;
Perhaps this can be clarified by changing it to say "visit web site to accept invitation", or some other wording that lets the person know that they'll need to do something at the web site to actually accept the invitation.

(1) replying to the invitation email subscribes the member to the group
(as an email subscriber); but

(2) clicking on "accept invitation" does NOT subscribe the member to the
group in any way, even just as an email subscriber.
Which it cannot, due to the auto-click problem...

Instead, the invitee is taken to the group's page and MUST log in to be
able to join (or subscribe).
That was correct, and may still be. But maybe now the link in an invitation can be made to log the person in automatically. They'd still need to take an action at the site to accept the invitation though.

And it wouldn't work for those who have an auto-click email client. An unsolved problem for another day.

-- Shal

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