locked Re: questions (suggestions?) re "status" and "reason" columns in invitations


Not so oh semi-learned one!  I sent an invite this am.  Its gone.  It doesnt show accepted, it shows there are no outstanding invites. Nothing. Its gone into la la land.  However, if I try to resend it, it does show an error message, "pending subscriber".  I think it would be good if there were another way to know this besides trying to resend the invite.

WAIT!  I found the pending approval in the Members section.  Hmmm.   I really think a NOTICE needs to go to the owner/mods that the person has accepted the invite and is awaiting approval.  We shouldnt have to keep checking and checking to see that.   Or should it be "see this"??    Frankly, if we send an invite, why do we need to approve?  why would an mod/owner send an invite to someone they didnt want in their group?  Approval needs to be AUTOMATIC. 

I guess thats ALL I can legitimately capitalize here, which is DISAPPOINTING. 


1.  Pending invites is not helpful, doesnt show "accepted
2.  shouldnt have to go to Members to see pending approvals, owners/mods should get a notice that invite was accepted
3.   Really, an invite shouldnt NEED acceptance, but should automatically be accepted.  But perhaps others disagree?   Perhaps you invite those you are not sure you want in your group??  Oh, I know, you might still want them to fill out member forms.   perhaps a check mark when sending the invite allowing auto acceptance...??


with Sally and Silk auto-accepting snacks,  and Handy, Feliz &  Police Kitty patrolling in the Great Beyond with tons of humanoids pending approval,,,hey,,,not YOU buster.....you are outta here!!

> Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 14:51:19 -0800
> Subject: [beta] Re: questions (suggestions?) re "status" and "reason" columns in invitations
> To: beta@groups.io
> From: txpigeon@...
> Status will show if it's sent or accepted. If there are no problems, either will say success. Once in awhile if I go check them right after sending some, I'll see something else in reason, though I don't remember exactly what it is. I had asked Mark about it and it usually just means there's a delay at the email server for some reason. On one of mine, the email address was "busy" on the server, so IO automatically tried later and it went through.
> The invitations stay until you remove them. This was a request from some of us users. You can select all that have accepted and use the "Remove invitation" on the drop down box under them. It's useful if you invite a bunch of folks and are marking them off of a list as they accept. I did it that way when I invited about 100 all at once. I believe there's an item on the TODO list to remove them after some length of time.
> Duane

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