locked Re: Group transfers feedback so far



Perhaps have the list owner create a temporary Yahoo Account, make it a
moderator or owner of the old group, and then provide you with the
sign-in credentials of that account (probably better via a web page than
email?). With those credentials you can have automation sign in to the
group and download the members list directly.

I think that'd definitely eliminate the possibility of shenanigans, but
I also think that's a very high bar for a group owner to go through in
order to transfer their group..
I'm curious what makes that a high bar?

I was thinking that for most people using or creating a least-privileged mod account would be a lower bar than figuring out how to export the email address list from one's Yahoo Group. Especially for groups of over 1000 members.

The one potential "high bar" I can see is if one doesn't already have a "test" account or other fallow account to use, and also doesn't have a mobile phone number to give to Yahoo's account creation process.

Here's another idea: What if, instead of doing the transfer all at once,
I pick a random set of email addresses to add to the group. ...
Advice to moderators: if you have any known malcontents in your group leave their address(es) off the list you give to Mark, lest they veto the move.

-- Shal

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