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Hi Shal,

On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 03:59 pm, Shal Farley wrote:

"The group name is also on the tab itself. Perhaps shortened a bit if you have very many tabs open (as I often do)."

I guess I must have too many tabs opened because all I see on my tab is a blue envelope, no group names

"I could see putting the group name in somewhat larger font than the rest of that line. Or maybe bold. I realize that it takes some time for a new user to "get their bearings", but that location for the group name is actually fairly prominent once you've seen it: it is in the upper left corner bordered by the dark logo bar across the top, and the list of page links down the left."

I'm clearly newer to Groups.io than you are, but my guess is that many if not most users, especially our group members, are not going to notice such a small group name in that location.  Usability may be fine for the expert user, not so good for the non-expert user, which a vast majority of Groups.io users will likely be described as even over a period of time.  I think a much more obvious size, color, and location of the group's name makes lots of sense;  the way it is now the group's name is so small, light colored, and poorly located that pretty much every Groups.io page looks like every other Groups.io page.  I like my users to know they're on my group's site when they're on my group's site.  Yahoo! Groups definitely currently outshines Groups.io in this respect;  I believe that every page on Yahoo! Groups has both the group's picture banner and their group name in large type prominently displayed across the top of the page, as IMHO it should be. 


Mark Bielecki



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