locked Re: Group Name In Banner #suggestion


Mark B.,

Quickly figuring out which tab goes to which group could be made much
easier and would be much simpler if the group's name appeared in larger
type on the dark gray / black banner that goes across the top of the
page ...
The group name is also on the tab itself. Perhaps shortened a bit if you have very many tabs open (as I often do).

Right now as I type this post the name of the group that the tab is
opened to is in small blue type on a nearly white banner and is followed
by a slash and then the word Post in dark gray. If one was new to
Groups.io it would be somewhat difficult to find; certainly the group's
name is deserving of a little more focus on the group's pages?
I could see putting the group name in somewhat larger font than the rest of that line. Or maybe bold. I realize that it takes some time for a new user to "get their bearings", but that location for the group name is actually fairly prominent once you've seen it: it is in the upper left corner bordered by the dark logo bar across the top, and the list of page links down the left.

I guess what I'm saying is that I like the layout as it is, and wouldn't want to have something too intrusive there.

-- Shal

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