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Judy F.

Janice, how it works in Yahoo Groups is the digest has X number of messages.  At the top when you first open the digest message, it has what I call an Index listing all of the messages that are consolidated in that message.  It is number 1, 2, 3, etc. and shows the subject of each message.  You click that active link and it takes you directly to that message.  You can then scroll back up, click another one, etc.  Each of those messages provide the various options of reply, reply via web post, etc. 


Judy F.

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My members are asking to have the ability to click on a message at the beginning of the daily Digest list and be taken directly to that message.  I do not use Daily Digest so I'm not familiar with how it works at this time.  They mention that this is a feature they had in Yahoo that they really miss.  They don't miss much else about Yahoo.  LOL


Janice B


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