locked Re: after transfer, member having trouble creating password

Sylvester <sylvester2007dc@...>

Here are a couple of thoughts on this:
1.  If the member is 'bouncing' 
2.  If Members ISP is blocking
3.  If they have their email preferences set to 'No Mail' or Digest for the group
4.  If Some members don't know where or how to check their Spam Junk folder
5.  If the member is using Apple devices, for instance, I use Apple devices and my Apple mail did not pick up any of the groups.io message the got diverted to Spam/Junk; however I decided to go to hotmail.com and check my junk folder their and guess what I found😀😀😀😀everything, all owner notifications I was missing😀😀😀😀
Just my thoughts, discoveries, and ?s


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On Jan 17, 2016, at 10:39 AM, J_catlady <j.olivia.catlady@...> wrote:

Yes, there's a separate email from Mark. Not sure whether it comes from transfer [at] groups.io or support [at] groups.io. Apparently quite a few people can't find it. We need to ask them to check their spam. I haven't figure out yet why they can't find it...

Right now, we have a worsening situation where yet another person reset the password using the other person's link. She then posted, for the entire group to see, the password she set it to instead of communicating with the person offlist about it. She then apologized for that - always using email, so that the password is now proliferating through emails. 

What a fiasco!

On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 7:28 AM, Frances <travel@...> wrote:

Is there a default transfer email that is different from the welcome email? I did edit the one that is sent when someone joins my group. (It's in Notices.)

Is the transfer email editable? Can I see what it says so that the welcome notice agrees with it? 


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