locked Group Name In Banner #suggestion


I oftentimes have multiple Groups.io groups open at the same time in separate tabs of my browser.

Quickly figuring out which tab goes to which group could be made much easier and would be much simpler if the group's name appeared in larger type on the dark gray / black banner that goes across the top of the page and starts with the Groups.io logo followed by Your Groups followed by FInd or Create a Group followed by a large expanse of empty gray followed by the user's name.

Right now as I type this post the name of the group that the tab is opened to is in small blue type on a nearly white banner and is followed by a slash and then the word Post in dark gray.  If one was new to Groups.io it would be somewhat difficult to find;  certainly the group's name is deserving of a little more focus on the group's pages?

I realize this doesn't rank up there with the most pressing of issues, it's just something that would make the user experience easier and it would give the pages a more homogenized group look and feel to have the group's name more prominently displayed on its pages.

Thanks for considering this, Mark!


Mark Bielecki


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