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Thank you so much for responding so quickly to this request.  I'm sure it was a lot of work for you and just know it is very much appreciated.  I feel less vulnerable now.  I am so impressed with how quickly you respond to requests for enhancements and changes.  It is so refreshing after dealing with Yahoo for so many years.  Thank you again for making this very helpful change.


Janice Bahrt

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To Mark Fletcher, the Groups.io team, and all of the Groups.io group owners,

Everything Janice wrote in her post that I'm responding to strikes a chord within me as I read it (take a moment and re-read it!).

When I read about the numerous problems that are happening in Groups.io,, and all of the new product idiosyncrasies that are being discovered and having to be dealt with on a daily basis, one thing keeps popping up in my mind:

It's OK.  This guy Mark and his team have their act together and unlike Yahoo! Groups they care about their product and want it to be fixed, they respond to requests for help and they do so in a quick, timely, and efficient manner, they respond to help requests with responses that actually have something to do with the original help message, they fix the problems being discussed quickly and usually the first time and in the process usually don't turn other non-problems into problems, and they clearly actually do care about this product and the group owners and users.  Plus they're doing all of this with what must be a team that's miniscule compared to the Yahoo! Groups' Neo non-help team and non-coders, they're doing it without any real current revenue (no ads, probably very little in paid subscriptions as of yet), and they're doing all of this with what appears to be a happy face and good dispositions.  I am always left feeling confident that whatever problems that are discovered will be addressed in a professional and timely manner, rather than being left with the ongoing feeling of resignation and despair as I do with Yahoo! Groups as it goes further and further downhill with no expectation of it ever being fixed.  

As they would say in some of the awful R rated movies that my teenage sons watch, "These guys are f***ing awesome!"

I just want to let Mark and his team know how much I sincerely appreciate how they're saving the years of time and effort many of us Yahoo! Groups owners have put into our Yahoo! Groups.  I think that without exception all of us Yahoo! Groups owners know that Yahoo! Groups is a sinking ship with bubblegum in the hull holes and that it's just a matter of time before there are more holes than there is bubblegum or before Yahoo! just pulls the bubblegum plugs and lets the ship sink into oblivion.

So I'll end this with a "Thank you so very much for all you've done and all you do, both Mark and his team;  we Groups.io owners appreciate your work and dedication and are 100% behind you, even when there are hiccups and stumbles.  Keep up the good work!"

I encourage all Groups.io owners to take a moment and give Mark and his team a well deserved electronic pat on the back and thank you as well.  I'm sure it actually does have meaning and value for the people who are probably working themselves ragged on our behalf.


Mark Bielecki



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