locked Re: removing "new members moderated" setting doesn't remove "NuM" badge #bug


On 1/16/2016 4:29 PM, Shal Farley wrote:
To achieve the effect you're after I would recommend:

Moderated: unchecked
New Users Moderated: checked
Unmoderate After: Not enabled

This way members start off moderated, and it takes your explicit individual action to unmoderate them.

If you "unmoderate" them by selecting "Default Group Policy" (instead of the override) then you retain the ability to put a stop to a flame war or any other form of disruption in the group by simply checking the Moderated box. After things calm down you can restore the group to the normal condition by taking the check mark back off.
I agree - with the caveat that this is the group that I am
"head moderator" for - Yahoo won't make me an owner, so there
are some levels of granularity I can't do.

And - thanks to Neo making things annoying - the group is almost
dead. Unfortunately, given the name (CatVet), people who can't
afford to drop in to a vet will search for it and find it.

I can't delete it, can't close it - just hope that if someone
with a truly ill cat can get the "go to a vet NOW" message.



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