locked Re: removing "new members moderated" setting doesn't remove "NuM" badge #bug


Well, here's some more food for needless thought.

As I pointed out, if you change the group setting from "new members moderated", "unmoderate after" to unmoderated, the NuM badge does not go away on new members. Let's say I accept (which I don't entirely) the reasoning that "NuM" is an override status, so changing the group settings should not change the badge.

Then what about this: If I keep the "new members moderated", "unmoderate after" setting, but I change the number of posts required to unmoderate, that number DOES change in the badges of all new members. (In the case in question - a different group - I changed it from 1 to 4. The new members' badges changed from 1 to 4, in concert with that.)

I think that's inconsistent. If the NuM"x" is an override status, then, according to the responses here so far, the "x" should not change just because the group's setting changed to "y." Yet it does.


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