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Go to the members list.
Find anyone who has NC next to their email address.
Click on their email address
Click Send Confirmation Email
Notify them to watch for that email and follow the instructions.
May have to check spam
If they don't get it, tell them to contact support. I think the address is support@groups.io


On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 4:49 PM, weebeequilting <weebee.1@...> wrote:

I'm really sorry but I'm having problems with some of my members trying to log in.  My group was transferred from Yahoo last week.  Most people are having no problem getting into the group and viewing the files, photos, etc.  I am getting some emails from people who are listed as members and do not have NC by their address so they should have full access.  Yet, they tell me when they try to get on to the group, it is asking them to join.  I don't know what to tell them.  I send them a direct link to our group and they are not allowed on without joining.  Here is a copy of a message I just received while I was typing this message:


Now Receiving emails on gmail,  thanks.  When I go to the group home page comes up and my name is displayed as if I'm login. Unable go any further . Can not look at anything but the home page. I must be over looking something.
Thanks for the help   Deanna in Okla

She doesn't mention being asked to join but many of those who contact me do mention they have the Join the Group button.  I am so frustrated because I want to help my members but I don't know the answer(s).  HELP!

This has been a H_LL of a day, plumbing problems and they don't want to come until Monday, and cable TV problems but I think those are finally resolved. Not much hair left on my head.

Janice B


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