locked Re: "P" next to member name

Terry S

Brenda - I'm not Shal, but maybe I can help.

When a new member joins, he is (usually) moderated and gets a NuM beside his name in the member list.

After he has posted x times (specified in Unmoderate after) he is automatically Unmoderated by the system.  His status becomes blank (default policy).  You have to DO something to get him to be Override:Unmoderated, with a P beside his name.

What you want is for everyone to be automatically unmoderated by the system and then have his status become Blank (default policy).  There's no real reason for Override: Unmoderated unless you keep most of your members Moderated.

Terry S
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On 1/8/2016 4:41 AM, Feathered Leader wrote:
Shal Farley wrote:>>1: As a matter of group management policy, I generally recommend against setting anyone to the unmoderated override ('P'). It is easier to control flame wars or other incidents in a group if all (or most) unmoderated members are set to use the Default group policy instead.<<

Hmmm. Help me understand this? In MM, everyone who joined was allowed in without approval, but stayed on moderation until cleared to post.

Default for the group, I thought, was moderated?

So if I cleared them to post by overriding default, how can the default setting, if it was moderated, allow them to post???

Sorry, but that REALLY confused me...if you'd rather answer me in MMSanctuary, feel free. I'm about to address you, Duane and Tyger in there shortly.



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