locked Re: Edits, deletions, moderation, oh my!



- If a user (or group) is moderated, approval will be needed by the
moderators before an edit or deletion happens.
I concur that a member should always have the ability to delete his/her own messages, even if edits or postings by that member are moderated.

- If a user (or group) is moderated, any calendar, files or wiki action
will also require approval (assuming the person has the authority to do
those actions in the first place). Basically, this changes the
definition of moderated from just posting messages, to any action in the
That should probably be separate controls for the separate areas. I can well imagine a group wanting to have moderated messages and events, but not files or wiki pages. Or some other combination.

- And do you want the second phase? I'm happy to do it, but it'll be a
bunch of work.
I definitely want the ability to moderate the posting of events, as their reminders generate emails to the members. I don't think the wiki needs it, I'm less certain about Files.

And for the hard questions, about subjects and threads and hashtags.
Right now, you can't edit the subject of an individual message, you can
only edit the subject of the thread. It's not clear to me what should
happen if we let people edit individual message subjects. For example,
if you change the subject of a message in the middle of a thread, should
that split the thread into two different threads in the archives?
I'd look at this the other way around: the moderators/owners who want to keep their archives organized would want to have a method to move messages to a new or different topic. In that world-view the editing of the subject text for the topic is a secondary consideration.

The UI for this probably should take into account separately the Subject match and the header fields (In-Reply-To, References) of the message(s) in question, allowing the moderator to choose one or the other for the purposes of re-joining a message that was erroneously made a new topic due to the default "AND" processing. That probably being one of the most common use cases.

But it should also have an ability to make a message (and those that reply to it) a new topic, or to connect it (them) to an arbitrary topic.

And should a 'normal' user be allowed to do that? Should editing
subjects just be for moderators?
I think changing the topic structure should be a moderator-only capability. If members are allowed to edit the subject (and I don't see a reason that they shouldn't, subject to the same rules as editing the body), that edit should not affect the topic structure.

-- Shal

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