locked Re: Taglines



I think that it would be useful to be able to list your relation to a
topic next to your name via a tagline. Specifically, this is a group
specific text label that would be displayed next to your name within the
Groups.io interface.
Another way of looking at this is like the sig-lines familiar to email systems. In Gmail, for example, this would be the "Signature" that one can specify through the General Settings page. Likewise in Yahoo Mail it is on the Writing email settings page.

A member could configure this via the Subscription page for each group.

How would this be handled via email?
In messages generated via the Groups.io interface or posted by email it would be simple enough to append the sig-line to the message body. Then it would show in the Archive as well as in messages received by email. They could be distinguished using the Usenet standard "hyphen, hyphen, space" as a separating line.

In the Archives they could perhaps be detected and displayed at the top, next to the posting member's name rather than at the bottom of the message, if they are not too long. A length restriction could be part of the detection method, leaving the signature at the bottom of the message if it is too long.

-- Shal

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