locked Re: To Mark: Request when reading/replying on site


Interesting. It might depend on browser or OS. I have the latest version of Safari.

I just tested this. If I start in thread view and reply to the first message, I am brought me to Message View.

Message view makes sense because my most recent message / reply showed.


On Jan 11 16, at 9:07 PM, Feathered Leader <featheredleader@att.net> wrote:


Is it possible when posting a reply on the site, to be returned to the message you were replying to instead of another blank posting page?

I can get back where I was at by hitting the back arrow several times, but it would be really nice if I was returned to the post I was replying to, so that I can read the next one and continue to read and reply in order.

Also, if making a new post, instead of being returned to a blank posting page, could I be returned to the message list to view my post?

The blank post has caused me to double post before, thinking it didn't go through, plus it would just really be convenient to be returned back where I started so I can continue.



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