locked Muting hashtag from mail message did not work #bug

Nightowl >8#


I received an invitation to Shalstest. I was able to join that group with no problems.

Then I received mail from Shalstest, including calendar reminders.

Since I have enough mail coming in already from groups.io, and elsewhere, I decided to attempt to mute them by using "Mute Threads Tagged With #cal-reminder" link in the e-mail.

I copied the link and went to the group, NOT SIGNED IN, to see what would happen.
Here is what transpired:
1. It It asked me for my user name and password
2. I typed them in the boxes provided
3. Then I clicked mute
4. No confirmation was given, instead it threw me back to the groups.io home page and I was not logged in.
5. I logged on and checked my muted hashtags, and none were listed.

What did I do wrong, or is this an issue?



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