locked Re: Importing images from Yahoo



On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 1:46 PM, Martyn de Young <martyn@...> wrote:

I'm sure this has been mentioned somewhere before, but I've just joined groups.io so please forgive me.  

I am considering moving a small group (currently 340-ish members, 19,000-odd posts over 18 years) from Yahoo. I know the posts and memberships can be transferred, but are there any tools/facilities/suggestions regarding the transfer of images. There are some files and databases that I will want to transfer too, but theses are relatively few, and I can handle those manually.

With the easy group transfer, we currently only support transferring posts. There is a (non-free) tool called PG Offline which purports to export photos and other aspects of your group, but it's Windows only so I have not been able to try it. See here: http://www.personalgroupware.com/. If you are able to export your photos, if you can get them to me in a format that I can use, I should be able to import them into your Groups.io group if you'd like.


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