locked Re: Disable RSS Feeds for a Member suggestion



I'm seriously old tech - and have never quite gotten what,
exactly, an "RSS feed" is.
Rich Site Summary (aka Really Simple Syndication) - it is a mechanism for new web page postings (primarily from blogs, but also messages from groups with public archives) to be delivered to you in a simple digest form.

If I am getting an "RSS feed" from Beta - what is it and
where is it going?
RSS is something you must set up in an RSS reader, or aggregator service, or other software. If you haven't done that, then you aren't getting one.

For what it's worth, Yahoo Groups once supported RSS feeds for groups with public archives, but that seems to have been lost with the Neo redesign.
There's a small orange RSS badge just above the message history table. If you have the Sage plug-in to Firefox (or another browser-based RSS reader) you can click that badge to see the digest of that group, at that time.

-- Shal

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