locked Re: Disable RSS Feeds for a Member suggestion


I'm seriously old tech - and have never quite gotten what,
exactly, an "RSS feed" is.

If I am a member of a group (beta), I have a choice of
email, digest, special notices, nomail (I think - I get
email, so that's the only one I know for sure.).

If I am getting an "RSS feed" from Beta - what is it and
where is it going?

If it is simply a notification - FB and Twit allow me to
turn notifications on or off per person (and "thread").
Plus my phone allows me to turn off notifications (and
assume any android phone does - and i or w phones or

If it is more than a notification - then I would hope
it would follow the email choice options.

IOW, I agree that if a member is wanting to go noRSS
they could, just like noMail.


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