locked Re: "P" next to member name

Nightowl >8#

Hi Shal,

My attempt to join GMF cold, as someone not already having an io account, brought up this message:
"To join any groups you must log in below. If you haven't already registered with Groups.io you can register now by entering your email address below and choosing a new password that you will use to log in to Groups.io."
Email address:
Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.
So I can understand the confusion if someone is trying to join a group, but doesn't understand that they can subscribe without a password, since it states when clicking the "join this group" button that they "must log in below" and lists Email address and password.

Can you explain this or can Mark? I thought there would be an option for e-mail subscribing only, but I don't see it if it's there.


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