locked Re: Group transfers



A couple quibbles:

- Email the member list and a link to the old group to a support account
I'll set up.
- I'll verify that the old group's description has been changed, and
directly add the members to the new group.
While this method verifies that you're in contact with an owner (or sufficiently privileged moderator) of a group, you have no verification that the addresses provided actually come from the membership list of that group. In that sense it is only marginally better than an open Add policy.

Also, that doesn't scale-up very well; I imagine you'll get pretty tired of this chore after a few score groups.

What do you think?
Perhaps have the list owner create a temporary Yahoo Account, make it a moderator or owner of the old group, and then provide you with the sign-in credentials of that account (probably better via a web page than email?). With those credentials you can have automation sign in to the group and download the members list directly.

There's a chrome application which is able to download the entire list (ignoring the limit of 1000 members imposed by Yahoo's user interface). It relies on an API call, which may be reasonably reliable.

-- Shal

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