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Exporting as CSV gave me a nice spreadsheet. I have a small group though. BTW, I use Mac products - Numbers.


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On 1/3/2015 3:02 PM, Frances wrote:

When you say send the member list, would a TSV or CSV file work? I just tried and YahooGroups will allow this for up to 1000 names.

It used to be that when I downloaded the members list, all it sent back to me was the email addresses of the members, all in� a vertical column, with none of the other garbage.

Can you still download a list like that?

I don't know what all the characters are in that text I just sent, in green, between the word�� "in"� and the word� "a".

I looked at my "sent" message and it is just a single space between the words, nothing more, but, somehow it got interpreted into characters I do not even know how to send.

Also once you have moved the members, will they get an email automatically saying that they must create a password, etc.? Or do we need to ask them to create Groups.io accounts first?



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