locked Re: To Mark -- total post count

Nightowl >8#

Duane wrote:>>If you're on the Message View or Expanded Message view, there will be a total at the bottom of the page where the page numbers are. If you're on the first page of posts, it would say 1-20 of ####. For the time being, you could glance at that before you start reading. I do think it would be useful to have that information included in the < #### box to the right of the message though once you start reading posts.<<

Thanks, I found it. I agree it would be nice to have in the location you suggested, but I understand if it can't be there.

One dumb question...when in Message View, reading one post at a time, how do I easily revert back to Message View (with a column of truncated messages showing) ?

I seem to get back and forth but I try several things and don't know what actually works.



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