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Hmmm. Help me understand this? In MM, everyone who joined was allowed in
without approval, but stayed on moderation until cleared to post.

Default for the group, I thought, was moderated?
The group control for message moderation in Yahoo Groups is slightly different from that in Groups.io, so bear with me.

Your MM Yahoo Group is set to "Messages from new members require approval." In a Groups.io group this would be the equivalent of leaving the "Moderated" checkbox unchecked, and checking the "New Users Moderated" box.

So no, the default in MM is that members' posts are generally not moderated. However, when a member joins their Posting Privilege is set to "Override - posts are moderated". Thus new members are moderated until you change that setting.

So if I cleared them to post by overriding default, how can the default
setting, if it was moderated, allow them to post???
You might have cleared them to post either be selecting "Default Group Policy" (which I recommend) or by selecting "Override - posts are not moderated" (which I generally recommend against).

In your Yahoo Group, if you clear members to post by changing their Posting Privilege to "Default Group Policy" then they are unmoderated so long as the group's setting is either "Unmoderated" or "Moderated for new members" (which implicitly means unmoderated for "cleared" members).

This very confusion is one reason why I dislike Yahoo Groups' use of a single three-way radio button control for both the group's default policy and the initial setting of new members. In Groups.io those are separate checkboxes, which I feel is much clearer.

Sorry, but that REALLY confused me...if you'd rather answer me in
MMSanctuary, feel free. I'm about to address you, Duane and Tyger in
there shortly.
I thought about it, but confusion on this point is not uncommon among Yahoo Groups moderators (at least judging by the questions I've fielded in the moderator help groups). So I figured that since many of beta@'s members are migrating from Yahoo Groups, it might be worthwhile to highlight how Groups.io's controls are clearer for this purpose than Yahoo Groups'.

And also to highlight why one should always prefer "Default Group Policy" over the unmoderated override: it allows you to temporarily switch the group's policy to moderated to squelch a flame war. If some members are instead set to the unmoderated override then you have to squelch each of those members individually - a much more arduous task in a large active group.

If you want to discuss this further, perhaps we should take it over to the groups.io GMF.

-- Shal

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