Locked Re: Group transfers


Mark, I can think of one problem, how can you add the members to the group without typing each and every email address, one at a time?

It used to be that you could export a membership list from Yahoogroups, I have done it several times to compare a list to a list from a year ago to see who had joined, who had left.

But, now when I try it, it does not seem to work.

Last week when I tried it, I could not download a list at all.

Not sure if it was just a glitch but, that could be a real problem.


On 1/3/2015 12:51 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

If someone can prove to me that they own an existing group, I think that's enough of a bar to permit their members to be added directly. So, here's an idea:

- Create the new group at Groups.io
- Change the description of your existing group to include a link to the new group at Groups.io. Something like "This group has moved to https://groups.io/org/groupsio/GROUPNAME".
- Email the member list and a link to the old group to a support account I'll set up.
- I'll verify that the old group's description has been changed, and directly add the members to the new group.

What do you think?


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