locked Re: "P" next to member name



For example, you note the above designation NuM. However, the two
members whose status i changed to "override, can post" did not have the
NuM designation before I did that.
You must check the "New Users Moderated" box, and then enable the "Unmoderate after" in feature in your group's Settings before "NuM" will be applied to members when they join (it will not be applied retroactively to members who've already joined, no matter how recently).

Also, there is still the issue of how the "P" goes away.
It goes away when you take it away.

"NuM" is the only override setting that goes away automatically, and it converts to "Default group policy" when the "Unmoderate after" condition has been satisfied.

I think there are more than five cases, because there is also a temporal
(historical) aspect.
Nope. "NuM" is the only one with a temporal aspect (which is actually an approval count, not a time period per se).

So anyone without the "M" designation would be an exception to that.
M, P, NuM and NP are all exceptions to (overrides of) the group moderation setting.

-- Shal

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