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Ro, no worries. That's not going to happen. New members will be allowed to read posts.

On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 4:36 PM, Ro <recarlton@...> wrote:
We would then need a separate designation, because I am ok with moderated members reading posts.


Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2016 00:25:13 +0000
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Subject: Re: [beta] "P" next to member name

Shal >>>>P' ~ may post without moderation,
                   'M' ~ posts will be moderated, and 
                    'NP' ~ not allowed to post. 

" M "  Will  newbie members be able to read messages anyway?
 I prefer they not see group messages until they have P status
From experience newbie members  won't bother to reply   to  the questionnaire sent to them
upon joining  because some just want  to  get the group  members emails in the forum. 

M  though they are moderated   ideally they should not be able to read the group forum or members emails
or receive group messages. until status   is  changed to P 
In my group privacy is very important and members emails is very important to them to keep private  the group private until the member
shows participation with the group.


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Subject: Re: [beta] "P" next to member name

[Edited Message Follows]
[Reason: The badges on the My Groups page currently match those on the Members list.]


> So in a group that is all moderated, does an unmoderated member have a
> 'P' next to their name?

In any kind of group, a member with the "Not moderated" override would have a 'P' next to their name.

> I just find it confusing to have a separate notation 'P' that really
> just means 'not M.'

'P' does not mean 'not M'.

There are five cases, all of which are of interest to a moderator looking at their Members list:

'P' = Override: not moderated,
'M' = Override: moderated,
'NuM' = Override: new user moderated,
'NP' = Override: not allowed to post, and of course
(blank) = Default group policy

Even in the case of a member looking at their Your Groups list, there are an irreducible three cases, if you combine the effect of group and individual settings:

'P' ~ may post without moderation,
'M' ~ posts will be moderated, and
'NP' ~ not allowed to post.

NOTE: the above meanings on the Your Groups list is a suggestion only. Currently they are implemented to exactly match your Posting Privilege in each group (the top five cases), unaltered by the group's settings. If you show no badge for a group, then you must refer to the group's settings to see how your posts would be handled.

-- Shal

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