Locked Make the members list sortable by Posting Privilege #suggestion



J_catlady wrote:

There is a "P" next to the name of two members in my test group.
That reminds me of a wish-list item.

Although I appreciate the economy of space accomplished by using these badges, including no space at all for the default case, there are times I'd like to be able to sort by members' posting privilege. Appending these to the Email column leaves the list with no column heading to sort by Posting Privilege.

Perhaps the heading "Email" could be followed by a "PP" (Posting Privilege) badge which acts as a sort button separate from the "Email" link itself. I don't know if that would be intuitive/discoverable enough, but it would avoid the clutter of making it a separate column (like Delivery).

The same could be said for Role, though the existence of a Moderators tab usually fills that need in a more useful way. But then, even on the Moderators tab it might be nice to sort owners from moderators.

A different way to accomplish the same ends might be to have a view selector for the Members and Moderators tabs that switches between the "Simple" view (as things are now) and a "Details" view - one that presents the same columns as the Download tab, but in sortable form.

-- Shal

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