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David P. Dillard

It is wonderful that there is concern here for accessibility. You may want to consider using the Wave tool on Mozilla Firefox that will point out accessibility errors and there is also the firefox toolbar for Wave that is accessed and downloaded via a link on the main Wave page at the bottom right.


On the Archives page for my list on IO, Wave wants a meaningful title between the top of the black bar and the top of the page, such, I guess as Net-Gold on Groups IO.

It also wants the search dialog box at the top right labeled. These are the only two accessibility errors Wave found on the Archive page for my list, which is pretty good. Also photographs must be labled in the world of disabilities. I hope that this helps.

David Dillard
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On Fri, 26 Dec 2014, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Thanks for this. It's especially gratifying that blind people are able to use the service.
(belated) Happy Holidays everybody!
On Thu, Dec 25, 2014 at 4:41 AM, Chris Leong <walkraft@gmail.com> wrote:

I thought I'd update the other users here on recent events on Groups.io. Three weeks ago, The-Tech-Zone, a general
technology group shifted over to Groups.io. With 196 members, The-Tech-Zone is by far the largest group on Groups.io
apart from Updates. Additionally, five groups related to disabilities recently appeared on Groups.io too
(Blind-Facebook-Users, BlindChitChat, Dissasociativetalk, BlindTwitterUsers and BlindMentalHealth). Of these five,
Blind-Facebook-Users is of particular note with 78 members. I don't have exact details on how these events are
related, but I believe The-Tech-Zone has a significant audience of people with disabilities and some of these other
groups may have been pre-existing and by shifted over due to either shared mods or mods being members of the
Tech-Zone. Regardless of exactly this has occurred, Groups.io is gaining significant traction.

Lest anyone think the the traction was purely related to the disability niche, two unrelated groups: Rant,
MusicRequest have reached the 20 user mark, as has my group, future-tech.. I suspect that these groups have been able
to reach this size largely because The-tech-zone (and the related disability groups) have brought more people into
the Groups.io ecosystem. So those you who attempted to found a group before but found it difficult to get members
might want to consider promoting your group again.

It is my understanding that The-Tech-Zone allows you to post that you've created a related group (although I
recommend checking the most recent statements on this yourself). I took advantage of this and I gained a few members
from this. I suspect that anyone wanting to found a tech or programming group would be able to find people
interesting in joining now.

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