locked Taglines


I think that it would be useful to be able to list your relation to a topic next to your name via a tagline. Specifically, this is a group specific text label that would be displayed next to your name within the Groups.io interface. For example, in GroupManagersForum I might set my tagline to "Mod of future_tech", in the-tech-zone I might set my tagline to "Web developer" and so on... These would benefit the group by making people seem less anonymous and also give a better idea of where everyone is coming from. My suggestion would be that these taglines could be either moderated or unmoderated. There are a few issues that would have to be resolved.

  1. How would this be handled via email?
  2. Reddit has "flair" in which a user is assigned one of a limited set of tags and flair can only be assigned by the moderators. Is this a better or worse system than taglines?
  3. What would be an appropriate maximum length?

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