locked Re: Edits, deletions, moderation, oh my!


"Right now, you can't edit the subject of an individual message, you can only edit the subject of the thread. It's not clear to me what should happen if we let people edit individual message subjects. For example, if you change the subject of a message in the middle of a thread, should that split the thread into two different threads in the archives?" - I don't think that editing the subject line for individual messages within the archive should be allowed since many of the further replies might be replies to the original message. It simply creates too many complications. I'd probably prefer to restrict editing the thread title to moderators or the original creator of the thread.

"If a user (or group) is moderated, any calendar, files or wiki action will also require approval (assuming the person has the authority to do those actions in the first place). Basically, this changes the definition of moderated from just posting messages, to any action in the group" - I don't want to have to moderate everything. I moderate posts because posts send out emails and I don't want my members to be exposed to emails that aren't up to scratch. If someone posts something stupid to the wiki then I can always undo it after, but you can't undo the sending of an email.

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