locked Re: iOS app was Android app



While the website works pretty well on iOS with VoiceOver, it would be
nice to have a Groups.io app just so we don't have to go through hoops,
such as opening Safari, typing or searching for Groups.io and, if
necessary, log in.
On Android, you can add a web page to your home screen, so it looks and opens just like an app. That still leaves you with the need to log in every once in a while (I forget what the expiration time is), but not each time you open the "app".

I wouldn't be surprised if there's a way to do something similar in iOS.

By the way, I'm not arguing that an app isn't needed or desired - my purpose was simply to let Janice's potential member know that it is possible to use groups.io on his phone even without an app.

-- Shal

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