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christopher hallsworth <challsworth2@...>


While the website works pretty well on iOS with VoiceOver, it would be nice to have a Groups.io app just so we don't have to go through hoops, such as opening Safari, typing or searching for Groups.io and, if necessary, log in. One could instead open the app, it should either prompt to log in or log in automatically, and go from there.

On 31 Dec 2015, at 04:54, Shal Farley <shals2nd@gmail.com> wrote:


"I do a lot of my stuff on my android phone do you or someone else know if
the "group.io" has an app I can
download onto my phone for me to view the group."
"on the to-do list but I can't say when it will happen" (#2799).

Meanwhile it may not be as nice as an app, but I'm able to read groups. Io messages perfectly well on my Nexus 5 Android phone, just using the built in chrome browser.

(Replied using my phone)

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