locked Re: Wiki


It's been a few years since I created or maintained a wiki, but I liked Wikispaces. I was able to use the simple wiki I created to demo wikis as part of my job in the public library. Someone else set up a PBwiki but either the preferences they set up or the format they chose made it difficult to use. (I see that Wikispaces is no longer offering free non-educational wiki space.)

All I am looking for is a simple way of creating an index to a few pages, each with a list of external links on each page. Static web pages (or blog posts) would work just as well for our purposes. For example, with Wordpress, I can choose to create pages or posts. Pages can have subpages. 

I don't know the answer to this, and I am not sure what other people need from this. 

I just looked at the info you gave for files, Mark. What format “files” need to be in? Can they be files with HTML so that there are clickable links? 

Just wondering whether a wiki is overkill for what we need.

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