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Hi Janice,
We already have that, and I’ve been meaning to write to Olivia to let her know that her members will be tripping over themselves to set passwords so they can view the cat photos members post.
As an email-only member, if you view the home page of my group, you do not see the most recent photos when you scroll down.  Look now: https://groups.io/g/1A-Travelzine
But logged-in members see much more on the home page.  I don’t mind if you join just to have a look. If you’re not interested in travel, please unsubscribe afterwards.
   From: weebeequilting <weebee.1@...>
   Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2015 06:43:41 PST

It would be helpful to my group if there was a feature like "Photostream" in Yahoo!groups here on io.  We are heavy users of photos and if the newest photos could temporarily be also viewed under a Photostream type feature it would be great.  Setting a limit of number of photos in the Photostream album and rotating the oldest out as new ones are added would be a nice feature.

Janice Bahrt

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