locked Joining a group is clunky/cumbersome


I'm using a different account to test how simple/difficult it is to join a group.

When I first go to the group's home page, I see this button at the bottom:

Apply for membership to this group

I click that and it takes me back to the top of the page. Feels like maybe nothing's happened, so I scroll down again and see a different button.

Apply for subscription

When I click the first button, I do not receive the pending message from the group site. So if people click that button and leave the site, they won't get the pending message with instructions on how to proceed.

When I go back and click the second button, that's when I get the pending message (which no longer goes to spam with the new subject).

Why is there a two-button process to join a group? This seems like it's going to cause a lot of people to not complete the process because they just don't bother to look for the second button and group owners may not be aware that they didn't receive the pending membership notice.

Can something be done to streamline this? 

In addition to sending the pending message via email, could it perhaps pop up on screen after the potential new member hits that first button so they are seeing the instructions immediately? Perhaps it could start with this at the top:

This message has also been sent to the email address you used to subscribe to this group.


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