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Hi All,

I've been working on wiki functionality, but I'm stuck and I need some help deciding what to do. If you don't know what a wiki is or does, this post probably won't make much sense; apologies for that.

As I have it now, the wiki consists of HTML pages, editable with the standard wysiwyg editor that is used to compose posts on the site. I like this much better than other wikis that require you to know markdown or some other wiki formatting code. It feels right to me. But there are a couple issues.

First issue is that part of a wiki is the ability to show the differences between edits to a page, to see what's changed (aka a diff). Doing a diff on two HTML pages is problematic, and I'm not sure I can create a page that will show the differences nicely. It's much easier to do a diff on two pages that are composed using markdown or some other wiki formatting code. One solution to this is that when doing the diff I could first strip the HTML. That would show the differences in text, but not formatting. Another solution is that I could not use HTML and go instead with markdown or something else. But that makes creating wiki pages more difficult.

The second issue involves sortable tables. Ideally, I'd like the wiki section to take the place of both the Links and Database sections in Y! Groups. That feels like the right thing to do to me.. To do that, you need to be able to create tables and be able to sort them in different ways. Wikipedia has a sortable table that does just this; but they use their own formatting code to do it. Again, I can solve this problem by not using HTML pages and instead using a different markup format. The other solution is to not try to combine the wiki and links/database section; I'd create a separate, dedicated database section. This has its own set of plusses and minuses.

Those are the two issues I'm wrestling with at the moment. Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!


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