locked Re: Receiving own messages



I noticed that when I post to a group I receive the email. That seems
less than ideal.
To me that's expected behavior, and desired. Desired because a moderator may have edited the message while pending. I dislike using Gmail for mailing lists specifically because it tends to hide the returned message from me.

But I suppose that could be a subscription option: Return my own posts: Never, If Edited, or Always.

Also, when I post to a moderated group, I have to approve my own messages.
You can always adjust your own Posting Privileges to Override the group policy (click on your own row in the Members list).

Again, that is something I value. It gives me a chance to review my message "one last time" to see if the content and tone are what I want them to be.

It isn't so much an issue these days, but at one time it was also important to make sure no malcontent (and no spambot or virus) had spoofed my email address and sent junk to the group in my name. That's embarrassing as a member, it can be _very_ embarrassing as a moderator.

-- Shal

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