locked Re: (?) "poststatus changed" not showing in moderator activity #bug



It shows up as you say. The problem is that I didn't change the "Email Delivery" setting. I changed the "Posting Privileges" setting. I think that internally it is being set to the incorrect thing, since it appears as "changed delivery" and does not show up when you select "poststatus changed" in the Moderator Activity search. (While you're at it, I think it would be better to make those match. It's called "Posting Privileges" in the setting, but "poststatus" in the search criteria.)

Another bug I discovered while I was at it: When I change somebody from or to being a moderator, that activity shows up as two records in the log, with the exact same text both times: "oliviaj_catlady changed XYZ's moderator privileges via the web." I'm guessing this is due to the fact that changing someone from or to being a mod ALSO changes their privileges, by default. But perhaps changing someone from or to being a mod would be more accurately called "changed XYZ's role," since that's what the setting is called. It would also avoid what looks in the log as if TWO of the same actions happened.


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