locked Re: how to schedule files to go out automatically?


Thanks, Linda. The link works only sporadically, and the circumstances under which it does and doesn't work are too unclear to rely on. So, no-go.

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On Dec 14, 2015, at 12:41 PM, Linda <lindon@...> wrote:

Hi Olivia,
I have been using the calendar to send a message on the first day of every month for almost a year.   One of the settings you used must have been different, if your message was repeating every five minutes.  I’m attaching screen shots, which together show all my settings for that message.
Here’s another idea that might work for you.
How about a short note in the Message Footer of every message with a LINK to your FAQ (stored in Files section), which you’ll edit/update when necessary.  The Footer Message can be entered here:
Hope that helps,

Also: someone (I think it was LInda?) advised clicking on "5 minutes" for reminders. I didn't understand that advice, but I did it in my test last night. It made the announcement start to come out every 5 minutes and I ended up just deleting the whole event.



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