locked Re: Seeing the group members list and email addresses


(Replying only to beta, since this email address isn't subscribed to GMF).

Howdy and welcome to beta. Access to member lists is controlled by the group owner(s); options include allowing subscribers to see the member list, restricting it to moderators and owners only, or restricting it to just owners.

We do not do any obscuring of email addresses in the emails that get sent to the group, except in the case where DMARC comes into play (you have a Yahoo email address, so we have to change the From header of any email you send through the group, for example). We do obscure all email addresses in the archives.


On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 1:36 PM, L Jade via GROUPS.IO <user+470@groups.io> wrote:
I noticed that in all of the Public Groups, anyone can join and anyone who joins can see the email addresses of everyone else who is in the group.

Does it work the same way for a Restricted Group? -- meaning that once I join (assuming that I am accepted into the group), I will be able to see the email addresses of everyone in the group and everyone else in the group will be able to see my email address?  Is there a way for Owners and Moderators to hide the email addresses so they won't be visible to everyone else in the group?

I am going to try posting these questions in the beta group also.  And, I am going to try it by ""cross-posting" to both groups at the same time by including both group posting addresses in the "To:" part of the email that I send.


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